IBM PC AT or 100% Compatible Games and software

Alone In the Dark 2 by infogrames on 3.5inch floppy disk : £10.99 contains some missing contents, but works fine.

(Req 386, 486 / 25 mhz minimum, 2 MB Ram, 14 MB harddisk free and 560 KB free for executible program. 256 KB EMS, VGA 256 Colours, Dos 3.00 to 6.00


ELITE PLUS by Rainbird on 3.5inch floppy disk - £29.99.

(Req 286, 386 or 486 CPU, 640k memory CPU, MS-Dos 2.11 or greater, EGA, VGA & MCGA compatible graphics card. )


FIFA International Soccer by EA on 3.5inch floppy disk - £12.99.

(Req 386/25mhz CPU or faster, 4MB ram, MS-Dos 5, VGA 8MB harddisk or higher. )


Flashback by Kixx & Eidos on CD ROM - £9.99.

(Req 386/25mhz CPU, 2 MB Ram VGA, 560k Memory, MS-Dos 5.0, Adlib, Roland or Soundblaster support.)


FORMULA 1 World Championship by Domark on

3.5inch floppy disk - £11.99

(Req 386/16mhz CPU or greater, MS-Dos 5, Adlib or Soundblaster support. )


Magic Carpet by Bullfrog. CD ROM - £15.99.

(Req 486/50mhz CPU or faster, 4MB ram, MS-Dos 5, VGA 2MB harddisk or higher and doublespeed CDROM drive. )


PFS: Window Works version 2 on 3.5inch floppy disk £34.99 - Word processor, speadsheet & database etc.

(Req windows 3.1 or higher, 386, 486 dos compatible PC. 4 MB Ram, 11 MB harddisk or higher and VGA graphics card.


Rise of the Triad by Kixx & Eidos on CD ROM - £9.99.

(Req 386 DX-40 or better, 8 MB Ram, 20 MB free harddisk space, VGA card )


The Riddle Of Master Lu by Kixx & Eidos on CD ROM - £9.99.

(Req 486/25mhz CPU, 8 MB Ram, 8 MB free harddisk space, SVGA or VESA videocard, MS-Dos 5.0, Soundblaster & 100% compatibles)


FIFA 97 & FIFA 98 by Electronic Arts EA - £9.99

For Windows 95 and Up & MS Dos – ( Req – Intel Pentium 75Mhz "P133", 16MB ram, 1MB or higher SVGA Video Card, Direct X2.0, 69MB Harddisk space, 2xspeed CDROM Directsound 2 compatible soundcard.


DUKE!ZONE for Duke Nukem 3D – 500 levels by 3D Realms - £12.99

Requires Registered Version of Duke Nukem 3D

(Minimum IBM PC or compatiable 486 with 8MB RAM, VGA graphics card, CDROM Drive. )


F/A-18 Hornet 3.0 by Empire Interactive – £9.99

(Minimum Windows 95, 133Mhz Pentium, 2xSpeed CDROM, 8MB RAM, 35MB Hard disk space, SVGA 640x480 256 colour display)


SPACE HULK by Electronic Arts EA - £11.99

( Minimum Windows 95, Intel 486-66 Mhz or Pentium 90, 9MB Ram, 1MB SVGA, 2xSpeed CDROM, 16Bit Soundcard )

PC Budget CDROM Titles




Colossus Compilation – Backgammon, Bridge, Chess, Draughts



Magic Carpet 2



Command & Conquer



Theme Hospital



Amstrad PC1640/1512

Microsoft Dos start-up and gem software on 5.25 floppy disk.

4 disks in total including MS Dos V3.2, Gem Startup, Gem Desktop/Basic and Gem Paint. £5.00


LogoScript V1.5 for PC1640 by Locomotive Software.

ncludes all 4 floppy disk software (5.25inch) and 5 large manuals. £25.00.


PC1640 dust cover.

Clear Keyboard and Monitor/Unit dust cover for PC1640. £8.00.

Amstrad PC Books

Amstrad User manual for PC1640 (500 page book). £10.00.

Amstrad BASIC 2 manual for PC1512 and PC1640. £15.00.

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